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Preparing from the log, Chainsaw work

Now if you were going to make a bowl, one of the halves of the log would be laid down in the trough and a circle inscribed on it. You could make a big compass or set of trammel points, but it is easier to cut a bunch of circles out of card board, set the appropriate one in place and draw around it. I have these from 4 to 16 inches. For anything under 8 inches I use a bandsaw to round the blank. By the way, that is not a crack in the blank, it is a ledge left by the chain saw cut. Likely I removed the saw to clear chips part way through the cut. It seldom goes back in exactly on target. woodworking wood turning project: marking bowl blank
wodworking woodturning technique: blank ready for cutting
In this case I use the saw to knock off the ends and corners. This is considered a finished bowl blank. Either rough it now or proceed to paint the ends with Anchorseal. wod turning bowl blank: cutting corners
wod lathe bowl blank: cutting corners

wood pile, prepare the log, bowl blank, boards (spindle stock)

bowls: overview, roughing, finish turning, sanding, wood turning home

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