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Wood Turning Bowls
From the firewood pile to a finished salad server.

"Woodturning Bowls? We eat from bowls every day. Why not make them beautiful?"

green wood pile green wood bowl blank roughing green wood bowl finished bird's eye maple bowl
While some say there are three stages to turning a bowl, for me there are four. Number one is getting the wood supply. Most of the time this is green wood because wood thick enough to make a bowl is too expensive to dry. If you go to the wood store it can be expensive in a hurry. While that may be okay for the occasional special piece, I like to start with green wood at the firewood pile. turning green wood pile
From this you end up with a bowl blank green wood turning bowl blank
that needs to be rough turned, waxed and dried. roughing bowl
before the final turning, sanding and finishing. finished bird's eye maple bowl
More on the wood turner's power sanding procedure for woodturning bowls can be found here in a picture and video format . wooden bowl sanding

If you make one please let me know how it turned out.

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