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Turning a Natural Edged Bowl - Facegrain (2)

"All natural and it's wood, it has to be organic!"

Part way in. woodworking image
A little farther. woodworking image
All the way to the roughed bottom and the tenon reduced at base. woodworking image
Once again flip the bowl headstock to tailstock and reduce the tenon as much as possible. A chisel may be needed to remove the tenon and a sharp rap with a tool handle will remove the tenon on the inside of the bowl. woodworking image

At this point you can either seal the outside of the bowl and leave it to dry for later finish turning, or final turn it and let it warp a bit as part of the finished look. As the bowl will distort along the lines of the farthest edges, it will likely not be highly visible as distortion to the end user. The piece of wood I am using is so dry that I will proceed to finish the bowl.

Prepare the bowl bottom for a glue block by making sure it is flat and dry. I flatten it on the belt sander or with a plane. If the wood is green dry it with a heat gun or hair dryer.

woodworking image
Apply hot glue to the glue block and center it as well as possible on the base of the blank. Give it a couple of minutes to set and mount it on the lathe. woodworking image
woodworking image
I got called away while the bowl was on the lathe and could not get back for a day. Usually when this happens I bag the bowl on the lathe to ease drying and tension release but neglected to do so in this case. Some cracks opened and I have applied thin CA to prevent them going further. Given the character of the wood with its branch inclusions I think I can get away with this. Otherwise it makes pretty kindling. woodworking image
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