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Wood Turning Project : Intermediate
Table Lamp

Wood turning a table lamp in spalted birch. Faceplate and spindle turning and assembling.

My daughter wanted a table lamp for her new apartment and asked me to turn one for her. the wood came from a spalted silver birch that I had to cut down at my parent's cottage as it had been lightning blasted and never recovered. From 2 slabs I had enough wood to get a couple of 7 inch bases and a couple of 2 x 2 uprights. wood turning supply
The bases and uprights are marked for cutting. woodturning supply
A few minutes on the bandsaw and the wood is ready to go. I chose two pieces for this lamp amd left two for another later. wood turning blank
I decided to use a screw chuck to turn the base so I took a 4" faceplate and marked around it on a piece of scrap maple. woodturning blank
It too was cut on the bandsaw and tool bandsaw
mounted to the faceplate. Two screws are sufficient to hold it in place. lathe chuck
The maple was turned to about 3/4" thick and slightly concaved for good fit to the base. A #14 self tapping sheet metal screw 1 1/2" long was inserted into the center of the chuck. lathe project
A 3/16" hole is drilled into the center of the base. project
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