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Turning and Piercing a Christmas Tree Ornament

(3) Roughing top and bottom

I chose a piece of maple and marked off a rough idea of top and bottom of the ornament to give an idea of needed length. woodworking lathe project, pierced Christmas Ornament
The length is cut, mounted between centers and woodturning project, pierced Christmas ornament
turned round, leaving a tenon for the chuck at either end and a rough tenon on each piece in the center. It has also been partly separated in the center and will later have the two ends cut free on the band saw. Note that this is a regular center in the chuck. It will hold a tapered center easily, giving you a choice of #1 or #2 Morse taper. wodturning blank preparation
The pieces are separated and the top is mounted in the chuck. The tenon is turned to closely fit wood turning technique, fitting tenon
the sphere. The mating surface of the top is undercut to give a good fit. wodturning tip, undercut

[turning the ball] [ready for piercing] [rough top and bottom] [all together}

If you make one please let me know how it turned out.

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