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Screw Chuck for the Wood Turning Lathe

Make your own for woodturning fun

A screw chuck is a very old and very handy way to hold a lot of projects such as bowls and platters on a wood turning lathe. Begin with a glue block, here a little over 3" capacity. wood turning glue block
Knock the corners off on the band saw (not necessary but nice) and mount to the lathe. glue block on wood turning lathe
Turn it round with a slightly concave face and a dimpled center. project begins
At the drill press, drill for a tight fit of a #14, 1 1/2" long sef tapping sheet metal screw. This can also be done on the wod lathe with a drill in the Jacob's Chuck if you have one. 3/16" is about right. accessory, drill press
Insert the screw. screw in place
I like to cut off the tip with a Dremel or similar. The screw chuck is typically used on the wood turning lathe with a pre-drilled hole and the point is not necessary. finished project

If you make one please let me know how it turned out.

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