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Turning the Garden Mushroom

A free video on turning a large mushroom.

small mushroom imageTurning mushrooms is fun. Over on the beginner's project page, Quick Gifts, there is a section on making small mushrooms for a shelf display.

Along the same lines and for a bit more fun or at least different fun, is the idea of turning a mushroom for the garden. This mushroom would be around a foot high and eight to ten inches in diameter or larger. My largest so far is about fourteen inches around and twenty high although people have certainly turned larger.

large mushroom image

Instead of doing a pictorial of the process, which I may do in the future if people wish, I have been playing with the video camera and made a video of the process. It is saved as an ISO file for downloading.

This means it makes up into a CD that will play in your computer or most DVD players. Just download the file and burn the CD. You will need a program like Easy CD creator or Nero but one likely came with your CD or DVD burner. If not you can use something like Silent Night Micro Burner This is a free download in its light version and a great program.

Once the program is on CD you can play it with whatever software your computer uses. If none is available for playing CDs or DVDs (I have had no luck with Windows Media Player on my system) try Media Player Classic by downloading from this site. It is about one fifth of the way down the page, alphbetically sorted under "m". Another great program.

This is a free video. You can give it away, watch it to your heart's content, put it in your club's library or use it for a coaster. If you wish to send me five bucks for it, great. It helps with the cost of the site and the video camera. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO SEND MONEY! It is always nice to receive but I make the video for fun and this site for the same reason and I am having fun. Enjoy the video. Feel free to criticize. Please let me know how you like it. (good, bad or indifferent). It was made in the shop with no special lighting or anything else, just the way I make these things. All for fun and fun for all. Please do not send any money until you have downloaded and viewed the video.

Click here to download. Then follow the directions that came with your burner. If you are not sure what to do and are using Micro Burner, click here for a guide. If using Nero™ click here.

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